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Finally ... the "Word List Database" You've Been Waiting For.

Now You Can Get Back to Making Puzzles, not Word Lists...

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Exactly What You Get Inside the "Puzzle Word List Database"

Instant Access to Online Portal

Tons of topics and niches to choose from with done for you word lists that you can download and start making word puzzles.

The word list database is constantly being updated with lists of hot topics and niches as they are discovered.

"Mix and Match" to make your own unique puzzles from the growing word list database, that you can easily access in the cloud from any device.

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So, How Does This Work?

Find your word list from the list of categories and download.


Make your new puzzle from the list you downloaded.

Step #2

Publish your new puzzle to sell on your favorite publishing platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You get full and complete commercial use rights with all the word lists in the database. The only restriction is you cannot download the word lists and sell the word lists as your own. You must use the word lists to create a completely new product in a different format other than a word list. The word lists you download belong to you, even if you cancel your membership you can still continue to use the word lists you've downloaded.

Your membership to the Puzzle Word List Database from PuzzleWordList.com will be automatically billed every month on the day you subscribe. Your membership can be canceled at anytime.

The goal is for the database to be updated as much as possible. But we guarantee that at least one word list category will be updated and/or added each month.

Your purchase is backed by the "you will be pleased" guarantee. If you are not pleased for any reason, just contact support and your current months membership fee will be returned and your membership will be canceled. No hard feelings.

No. There is never a guarantee that anyone will make money. Your membership only guarantees you access to the Puzzle Word List Database.

The word lists in plain text format with a .txt extension. And are delivered as .zip files that can be downloaded and opened with your favorite archive utility.

Note on Trademarks and Copyrights

The words lists may contain words that have been or are trademarked or fall under copyright protection. The intent of the word list is to only give you lists of words that will inspire you to create unique and interesting puzzles. Any use of words that violate trademark or copyright falls on you. You must make sure that you follow all laws in regards to use of the words in the Puzzle Word List Database.

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